Info & FAQs


Do you do wholesale?

For wholesale inquiries please fill out a form here.

Do you offer gift wrap?

Currently, I only offer gift wrap for rings and earrings. Find it here.

How do I figure out my ring size?

Use this printable ring sizer, courtesy of Zales.  

How do I figure out my knuckle ring size?

Your knuckle ring size is typically 3 sizes smaller than your regular ring size. For example, a size 7 would be a size 4. If you are still unsure, a "small" would be a size 3, "medium" a size 4, and "large" a size 5.
Which length necklace should I buy?

Here is a chart for reference:


Most layered necklaces start at 16".

What is non-tarnish wire? Will it turn my finger green?

Non-tarnish wire is silver plated wire that is permanently colored to the desired finish. It is coated with an enamel that resists tarnishing, chipping and peeling. Non-tarnish wire should NOT turn your finger green, however if you have very sensitive skin it may occur.   

What is "gold filled"?

Gold filled components contain 100+ times more real gold than gold plated components. All gold filled components are very durable and tarnish resistant. 

Will my product look EXACTLY the same as the picture?

Your jewelry will look nearly identical to the picture. However, due to the handmade nature of my jewelry please allow for slight variation. 

Jewelry Care

In order to ensure the quality of your jewelry is preserved please follow these suggestions!
- Store your jewelry in the enclosed ziplock bag
- DO NOT take a bath or shower wearing your jewelry
- Remove all jewelry before swimming
- Be sure to apply hairspray, creams, make-up BEFORE putting on your jewelry
- Avoid exposing all jewelry to any household cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia
- Wipe down your jewelry with a soft cloth when you are done wearing your jewelry for the day
- Do not store your jewelry exposed in a jewelry box or on a jewelry stand